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The Truth about Cognitive Tests – One Dog Sheds Light on How Dogs Think

There has been so much news about cognitive tests lately that my youngest dog, Hobbs, volunteered to take a similar test designed for dogs. His answers provide an interesting window

The Truth about Socialization – Leave that Pot Roast on the Counter

My young Border Collie, Hobbs, is gifted. He can sneak in a crotch sniff so quickly that I cannot even stop him. And this it still true even though I

The Truth about Life after Graduation-Five Rules for Entering the Real World

One of casualties of the current pandemic has been the ritual of graduations. As you likely know, traditional high school and college graduations were canned this year to avoid large

The Truth about Video Agility Trials – How Do I Upload This??

One of the big developments during this era of the pandemic has been the launch of a variety of online dog training challenges and titling options. This is not a

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