The Real Pack at Home

Those of you who follow the dogs in the Our Dog Pack cartoon get an earful as they share their opinions of us, their flawed human caretakers. Several of you

The Truth about Sport Dogs – Six Useful Categories of Canine Competitors

We live in good times. There is a lengthy list of dog sports available for human/dog teams that seek mental, physical stimulation, and competition. We have agility, nosework, freestyle, disc

The Truth about Agility (Part 2) – Addiction Is Never Cheap

Let me be clear about one thing. I hate camping. It is dirty. The picnic tables have splinters. And I always leave the right spices for burgers at home. Playing

The Truth about the Pandemic- Lessons Learned in the First Five Months

Are we living in weird times or what? Unless you are an epidemiologist, who would have imagined that our bingo card would include a tiny virus that looks like a

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