The Real Pack at Home
The Real Pack at Home

The Real Pack at Home

Those of you who follow the dogs in the Our Dog Pack cartoon get an earful as they share their opinions of us, their flawed human caretakers. Several of you have asked what the real dogs are like. Today, a few photos that capture their everyday personalities.


Somedays are diamonds. Somedays are stone. This one? Stone…
You have something more important to do than throw this frisbee…really?


Don’t even think about interrupting my Laurie time


Pretending  I am a taco
Trying to remember why I jumped in this can…


Could anyone be more comfortable?


Did I hear the snack drawer open?


I am 12 pounds of adorable

And that, dear friends, is the real pack. Right now, they are off in the corner planning their next cartoon. I hate to think…

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